LEGO Lamborghini Sián review

When LEGO released their Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 (42115), I was hyped.

For as long as I can remember, I loved the Lamborghini aesthetics. Most car-enthusiastic boys I knew were into Ferraris, but I felt there was nothing like a Lamborghini. Before I fully understood what they cost and how inconvenient a supercar is, I dreamt about owning one. I remember the Murciélago and Gallardo, and as I grew older, Lamborghini announced the Reventón, Aventador, and Huracán.

As a kid, I also loved LEGO. At some point, you grow out of it. At least, I thought I did. Once I got back into it, LEGO had released their Bugatti, which didn’t do it for me. I remember saying “LEGO should make a Lamborghini model.”

LEGO must have read my mind because a few months later, they released the Lamborghini Sián! After seeing the price, I knew I had to sleep on it. I woke up deciding it was too expensive. The following month, it kept popping back into my head every other day. This only happens when I desperately want something. One day I randomly checked my finance, realised I could afford it, and got the Sián.

Unpacking was an experience in itself. The set is separated into 6 boxes, each containing bags of pieces. The manual consists of two books. Together, they make 650 pages of instructions and additional information about the Lamborghini Sián. The build itself was a lot of fun, too.

A picture of the front of assembled LEGO Lamborghini


Great build. It’s a challenging build. It took me around 15 hours with some minor mistakes. Many times I wondered what I was building, or asked myself “what will this part do”, which always followed with an “ahhh, that’s awesome”-moment. Relaxation, confusion, a feeling of accomplishment, it was an amazing build.

Many working parts. The steering wheel turns the front wheels. The paddle shift switches gears in the sequential gearbox. The pistons in the V12 engine move when the car does. Differentials, suspension, scissor doors, it’s all there. Every time someone asks about it, they get the 10-minute tour.

Robust. It’s a solid build. You can easily carry it around without parts falling off. Some other builds fall apart when you look at them, but not this one.

It’s big. From front to back it’s about 60cm (~23.6") and is about 25cm (~9.8") wide. It’s hard to miss and makes an impression.


Price. It’s expensive. I get it’s a limited edition, exclusive, big and awesome. It’s just a lot of money for a couple of bags of plastic.

Variation in colour. Some pieces are apple green. Other pieces — that should have an identical colour — lean towards chartreuse, towards green-yellow. I’ve read this in other reviews, too.

The colour. The real Sián is often presented in a deep, dark, and desaturated green. The LEGO model, however, is bright green-yellow. I would prefer a more realistic colour to make it appear less like a toy and more like a miniature.

A picture of the rear of the assembled LEGO Lamborghini

Is it worth it?

Whenever I’m about to make a big expense for entertainment or a hobby, I often convert it to cost per hour. €380 divided by 15 hours makes this Lamborghini set about €25 per hour. It’s not cheap but I can name some things that are more expensive, less fun, but still worth doing. It also makes good house decoration and a conversation starter, so that’s a free bonus.

All-in-all, it is definitely worth it. Of all the sets I own, the Lamborghini was the most fun to build, and the result is very nice.

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